What We Do

The McMillen Family Foundation is a grant-making Foundation which serves non-profit organizations in Southern California that assist people affected by drug and alcohol dependency through treatment, prevention, and education.  The McMillen Family Foundation continually seeks out new avenues for making a difference in the lives of persons affected by substance use.

Additionally, the McMillen Family Foundation supports its grantees with technical assistance, a grantee conference, trainings, and a web-portal solely to encourage and aid in collaboration amongst one another, and to provide beneficial news for those providing services.

Who is Eligible

The applicant organization or subsidiary must identify treatment, prevention, education, and/or recovery from alcohol and other drug problems as its primary mission.

Applicants must be a non-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service and operate programs in at least one of the following counties: Orange, Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura.

The applicant organization must have an annual operating budget of less than $10 million or, if a subsidiary of a larger organization, the subsidiary applicant must have a budget of less than $10 million.

Grant Applicants

Grants can be requested to support program activities or services not funded by government contracts, facility improvements, capital acquisition, program staff development, program equipment, and other purposes directly related to providing alcohol and drug prevention, treatment and/or recovery services.

A new applicant may apply for up to $50,000. Returning grantees may request grant awards each year but should not expect the Foundation to be its primary support for a single program on a continuing basis. Only one grant award is made to an organization within a 12-month period.